Since 1996, we have provided free healthcare, and since 2017, free dental care, to thousands of residents of Montgomery, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Menifee, Nicholas and Powell counties. We serve all Eastern Kentucky residents who meet the eligibility requirements.

Without the Post Clinic, I never would’ve received the care I needed for my diabetes and heart condition.
— John T., a patient


Our Mission

We provide quality primary health care to persons who are without health insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare. Income eligibility for services are based on federal guidelines that determine free and reduced meal costs for public schools. The ultimate goal of the Clinic is to provide a place for residents of Montgomery, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Menifee, Nicholas and Powell counties to receive ongoing primary care and dental care regardless of their lack of finances.

Our Background

The Post Clinic was established in 1996 as a nonprofit corporation under the direction and governance of a Board of Directors with representation from medical, financial, legal, and faith-based backgrounds.

Licenses, Accreditations, and Certifications

The Post Clinic is licensed in Kentucky as a Special Health Clinic. A CLIA waiver has been obtained to permit limited laboratory testing. All professional staff are licensed in their respective specialties. The IRS has designated The Post Clinic, Inc. as a nonprofit and conferred 501(C)3 status. All contributions and donations to the Post Clinic are tax deductible.

What We've Achieved

Since its inception 3,900(+) individuals have been served, with a documented 19,300 patient visits. Services include initial assessment, treatment, management of acute and chronic problems, free labs, and referrals for specialty and other levels of care. Specialty referrals include orthopedic, vision, dermatology, cardiology, urology, etc. Emphasis is placed on prevention as is patient/caregiver education.

In 2017, the Post Dental Clinic expanded services to include free dental care to people who meet established  income guidelines. During the 2017.18 fiscal year, 129 patients received free dental care that included 47 x-rays, 50 cleanings, 103 fillings, and 256 extractions. 

In the spring of 2018, a partnership with the Jewish Hospital of Cincinnati was established to provide up to 40 free mammograms annually to Post Clinic patients who meet eligibility requirements. During the 2017-18 fiscal year, a record 63 volunteers provided 2,466 volunteer hours serving the Post Clinic in various capacities including nursing, clerical, building renovation, landscaping, location move, and various other positions.



The Post Clinic, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination in employment and opportunity because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age.   No person shall be excluded from participation or subjected to discrimination for services at the Post Clinic on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, political belief, age, national origin, linguistic and language difference, sexual orientation, height, weight, marital or familial status, or disability.