For Our Patients

Call to make an appointment: 859.498.0231


    Our patients must have no medical insurance, or they may have insurance with deductibles or co-payments that make it difficult to obtain care. See more information in the table below:

    Family Size   Monthly Income   Annual Income

    *For each additional family member beyond 8, add $867 to the monthly amount

    clinic services

    • The clinic does not treat emergencies. If you have an emergency, you must seek treatment in an Emergency Room or call 911.
    • Medical walk-in appointments are welcome, but dental appointments must be scheduled. See our hours.
    • The clinic does not have a pediatric doctor and generally does not treat children under sixteen years of age.
    • Generally, the clinic does not dispense any medicines. Filling prescriptions is a patient responsibility.
    • Generally, the clinic does not prescribe any narcotics (painkillers, etc.).
    • The clinic has no mental or behavioral health services.

    patient reminders

    • Bring Photo ID and if you are employed, Verification of Employment to your appointment.
    • A pay stub is the preferred Verification of Employment. Other proof (such as a copy of a pay check or a letter from the employer ) is acceptable. If you are unemployed and your spouse or parent is working, the spouse’s or parent’s employment must be verified.
    • Individuals who are self-employed must verify employment by showing proof of current income. This may be done by copies of checks paid to the business, copies of receipts given by the business, and similar items.
    • A driver’s license is the preferred Photo ID.
    • Please bring a list of all current medications, and actual medication in the prescribed bottles.